The Experts Are Fallible

All throughout history, humans have sought sources of enlightenment for guidance and clarity. We all want truth. We all want to be able to look to a source or scientific body and let them do some or all the thinking for us. At least on occasion.

This is not intended to encourage total dismissal or unthinking mistrust of any expert or body of experts. There are some incredible minds and well meaning individuals working tirelessly to do real science and honest research for the betterment of humanity. I do want to remind each of us that science is never fully settled but instead is a continual effort to limit uncertainty.

All humans are capable of error, deceit, cognitive dissonance, confirmation bias, and corruption.

These are just a few examples of so many times the “experts” permitted or promoted what would harm. I wanted to include so many more … Food ingredients still allowed and promoted in the US while banned elsewhere including BVO, yellow # 6, red # 40, and many others. I didn’t even mention some other major ones. Opioid epidemic, anyone?

I have personally experienced harm due to following the recommendations of experts on multiple occasions. I know many of you have too.

I have no doubt there were people thinking critically at the time of the recommendations I’ve highlighted here who questioned and dissented. Some who just had an instinct that nudged them to abstain. Others who had insight and wisdom beyond that of their peers. I know some personally.

What ads from today will our children or grandchildren look at with absolute shock?

It’s okay to ask questions. It’s okay to wonder. It’s okay to go against the norm. Its okay to change your mind. It’s okay to think for yourself.

As for me, I do my best to look at things from many angles and perspectives. I am reluctant to buy anything owned by a massive corporation as their money and influence can often corrupt the data. I do my own research. I make informed and educated decisions while weighing risk vs. benefit. I remain open and willing to change my mind and grow even when it’s uncomfortable. There is only One who is infallible. I save my unwavering trust for God alone.