The News Can Be Toxic

News used to be something you could tune into once or twice a day. There is now a 24/7 news cycle on countless channels and media outlets. Most reporting with plenty of bias by any side of the ever evolving spectrum.

Since last February the cascade of charged and inflammatory information has felt to me more ubiquitous than any time I can recall in my life. Maybe because it’s been almost a year of so much heightened uncertainty and fear. Maybe because we have access within our literal hands all day and night. Maybe because this information is everywhere we turn.
Something to keep in mind is that no matter the bias, the stations are driven and funded by viewership. To keep people coming back for more and more they have to make it interesting. The try to make it a bit addictive. They make it inflammatory. By design. Viewers=money.

We can stay informed and and also have good personal boundaries for our health. Facts matter. Do your due diligence in vetting sources. I will never tell you where your personal boundary line should be and I sure bet yours needs to be adjusted over time and depending on life circumstances, much like mine. I will suggest we all take breaks from the vortex of wild emotion fueling information sources.

People are imperfect. News outlets most certainly are as well. All of them.
Overloading ourselves with information is not beneficial, no matter what the information is about. A reasonable load is great. Overload is a burden that will contribute to stress, anxiety, imbalance…

Maybe less hearing news and more listening could be of benefit. Listening to others not to respond but to understand. More time healing. More loving and serving others. More time doing good and being part of the change we desire.
It’s not my business what you watch or read or how much of that you do. It is not my business. I care about our health and our ability to serve and love others. Our capacity to be well, heal, or impact others is inhibited when we are overburdened.

Change starts in ourselves. And it ought not end there.
If you feel like it, maybe you can share some GOOD NEWS in the comments. I would so love that.