The Sex Machine

Damien and I got this fertility tracking device as our valentines gift to ourselves 4 years ago. He still calls it the “sex machine.” It’s been a part of my bedside table lineup and morning routine ever since. Damien did not know I’d add these other weird things to the collection. They’re just a bonus. Happy Valentine’s Day, to my obviously very blessed husband, and to each of you.

The forehead stuff is for slowing down and reversing wrinkles from my overly dramatic forehead. ALLT botox sorta.

The mouth tape is for a wide range of health benefits including better oral health, better overall health, and makes my sleep the absolute best. I have a highlight and a couple posts about this if you tap #alltmouthtaping

The Lady-Comp has info in “sex chats” highlight and a few posts as well. I have a discount but it’s marked down 20% until 2/15/22. It only goes on sale like that 0-2 times a year. Exactly why it was our valentines gift to us years ago. Link is in the valentines sale highlight and on my website.