Tick Kit

My Tick Kit
A tick remover of sorts. It’s important to remove the tick completely
A drawing salve
A collection bag with cotton ball
Alcohol prep pad
Ledum Palustre

Calmly and slowly remove the tick by getting it as near the head as possible and lifting firmly but slowly and straight out so it will unlatch its jaws and come off. If any pieces break off under the skin, get out as much as you’re able with tweezers. Your skin will expel what’s left within a few days but it is best to remove it all if possible.
Clean the area. @bldgactive ,soap and water, alcohol, peroxide, or iodine.
Take a picture of the bite area to monitor for any changes.
Apply drawing salve in a thick layer multiple times a day for the first day or so.
Administer Ledum homeopathics. Follow the package instructions here. Most recommend 2-3 doses a day for 7-10 days.
Moisten the cotton ball and put it with the tick in collection bag. Send to lab for testing. Tickreport.com & Medical diagnostic labs are good.

Tick borne infections typically take days to develop. Sometimes a rash or other symptoms won’t appear for up to 2 weeks or even longer.

Support the body with nourishing foods, rest, hydration, fresh air and sunshine, and other immune supportive practices and foods.

Follow up with a lyme literate doctor. The vast majority of conventional medical professionals still believes chronic Lyme is rare or nonexistent, and that Lyme is cured with a week or two of abx. My doctor, @dariningelsnd is wonderful. There are many others out there too. Actually, I did a q&a with him a while back and that is saved here under the videos tab. He explains exactly what to do if someone finds a tick on them and gave us a Lyme 101 seminar for free there. Scroll down and check that out. He also has a book called The Lyme Solution that is a wonderful resource and describes exactly what to do in the case of finding a tick on the body too.

We used this kit on our most recent adventure and were so glad we had it.

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