Tip to Avoid Overwhelm

Waiting until something is completely empty typically leaves us with limited time to replace it. In our haste, we’ll grab the same old same old or whatever is easily accessible. Leaving some wiggle room allows time for research, shopping, or shipping. It also allows for less overwhelm and stress.

It’s been a slow and steady journey for me making the switch to a less toxic lifestyle. As much as I would have loved to throw everything out once I started to discover what was lurking in the ingredients of virtually everything in my home, I couldn’t afford or manage that.

Here’s what I did instead:

As any one item began to run low or wear out, I started looking at alternatives. I compared ingredients, read reviews, and utilized tools like @environmentalworkinggroup and some trusted people who’d been walking this road longer than I had to help me find less toxic products and brands. I’d find one to replace what I needed and that fit my wants, needs, and budget.

Pro Tip:
Never stop doing that.

7+ years into this, that’s exactly what I still do. As any item begins to run low or wear out, I still look to see if there’s a better replacement. If not, I know I’m using a great product. If there is, I try it!

We don’t have to do it all at once. We can do one thing at a time and keep at that.

We don’t ever arrive at some perfectly nontoxic destination here. This tip allows me to also keep evolving, learning, and growing. It helps me continue to make my life and home #alittlelesstoxic and I hope it helps you to do that too!