Toddler Birthday Party

Toddler Birthday Party #alittlelesstoxic

My baby turned 2. We decided on a pajama party theme. Pajamas and breakfast for dinner 😋 All guests were adults or toddlers. 9 toddlers ages 3 and under! So we wanted a menu the adults could love and be filled up by and the toddlers would enjoy. It was important to me to serve things I feel good about the people I love eating. So here’s the menu:

  • 3 ingredient pancakes (I have a post showing this recipe on my page). Organic maple butter and organic raspberry jam for topping.
  • @applegate chicken sage and chicken apple sausages.
  • Organic tater tots with fixins – vegan cheese sauce from @organicfoodforkids that no one knew wasn’t cheese until I told them. So good.
  • Organic nitrate free bacon bits.
  • Organic green onions.
  • @waterloosparkling sparkling waters
  • My husband’s special “bulletproof” style hot cocoa: organic almond milk, cacao, collagen, @vitalfarms butter, organic coconut oil, and organic raw honey🍫
  • @simplemills vanilla cupcakes with homemade buttercream frosting (@vitalfarms butter, organic powdered sugar, vanilla extract, and freeze dried organic strawberries or bananas)

    The food was a hit and it was cute and special. It was fairly inexpensive to feed 30ish people (our family!) and I think it’s our new tradition for my baby girl.