Tubby Time

We add some or all of this to every soak we take. In this modern world, with substances in our air, water, soil, food, and everything in between, I like to support our bodies while they work to naturally detox.
1: mitigate the amount of toxins entering.
2: help our bodies function optimally.
3: detox support.

πŸ› The practice of dry brushing has many benefits, including:
✨ Helps detoxify the body by promoting lymph flow & drainage. Many lymph systems are just below the skin
✨ Increases and supports blood circulation
✨ Improves immune function
✨ Can improve muscle tone
✨ Stimulates your nervous system, which can make you feel invigorated afterward
✨ Many claim to have reduction or elimination of cellulite
✨ Can reduce inflammation
✨ Energizing
βœ‹πŸΌ Work from extremities and move toward major lymph areas. Some suggest brushing from extremities toward the heart as a guide.

πŸ› Ascorbic Acid: add a tsp or so to a full bath and it will neutralize some or all chlorine and chloramine.

πŸ› Epsom Salts: Magnesium Sulfate. A potent mineral compound. Creates a type of reverse osmosis effect in the water that helps pull toxins from the body. Can also help:
✨ draw out infection
✨ boost internal magnesium levels
✨ assist the body in toxin elimination
✨ lower stress levels
✨ reduce pain and inflammation
✨ relax muscles
✨ soothe itchy and irritated skin
✨ improve skin barrier function
✨ reduce muscle aches
✨ improve quality of sleep
✨ soothe achy joints
✨ decrease risk of some chronic diseases
πŸ₯„ Add 2+ cups to a full bath for an adult. 1+ cup for a smaller bath for kids.

πŸ› Calcium Bentonite Clay: Volcanic Ash. ✨Bonds to metals to help draw heavy metals out of the body. Metals including mercury, cadmium, lead, and aluminum that can enter through a myriad of pathways.
πŸ₯„ 1/4-1/2 cup in a full bath. 1/8-1/4 cup for a kids bath. Avoid contact with metal when adding to your bath.

πŸ› Apple Cider Vinegar: Vinegar of fermented apple juice. Can help:
✨ draw toxins out through the skin
✨ balance skin pH
✨ reduce inflammation
✨ soothe many skin ailments including sunburn, eczema, dry skin, yeast, bug bites, etc.
✨ reduce joint pain.
πŸ₯„ Add 1 cup or so to an adult bath. 1/2 cup to a kid bath.