“Turned Out Fine”

I ate ____ my whole life and I turned out fine.

We ______ as kids and we turned out fine.

My parents did xyz and I turned out fine.

I did it and I turned out fine.

My grandma _____ and she lived to be 90! She turned out fine.

I want better than “fine” for us. I believe we are bio-individual and what may be fine for someone else may not be for me or mine. “Fine” is also very subjective. What someone else may deem acceptable may not be desired outcome for another and that’s okay.

I personally have lived through some horrific traumas and while I may be “fine” and I do believe I have even been refined and strengthened by my past, I could do without some of the lifelong consequences of my lived experiences. I’d certainly never subject another person to what I have lived through. I don’t accept “I turned out fine” as a credible argument.

While many may “turn out fine” there are some who will not. While many may determine they are “fine,” many would argue they could be better than fine. I want better than fine. For all of us.