Updated Body Cleansing Spray

This recipe is for a 16oz container. You could easily adjust the measurements for any sized or type of container. The measurements aren’t super technical. Other favorites for this are a travel silicone goo tube or a glass pump bottle. For pre wet wipes, I prefer there to be something to prevent mold and bacterial growth. My current favorite for those are by @jacksonreeceusa


🥄 1 Tbsp witch hazel

🥄 1 Tbsp a skin soothing oil like almond or jojoba. Almond is my favorite here

🥄 1 Tbsp good aloe. I’m loving the one from @beautybyearth

🥄 2 Tbsp @aleaviaskincare body wash

✨ Optional: a couple drops each lavender and tea tree essential oils.

Fill the rest with water. Shake and use.

This comes in super handy more often than you’d think. Kids are messy and I am not one for bathing too frequently as that can dry and irritate the skin and disrupt the beneficial a if mantle and highly important skin microbiome. I use this for bottoms or little or big wipe ups as needed. It’s also great for adventures and camping.

Spray into a little cloth. I love bamboo washcloths and we’ve had a ton in rotation for 5 years and through 2 in cloth diapers. I also love the “not yet wet wipes” by @meet_earthly

A Little Less Toxic™️