Water Talk

Let’s talk basics: Water 💧
One of the big changes we made was making an investment in a @berkey_filters countertop water filter. It’s also one of my favorite changes. There are lots of good options out there for filtering water. And a wide array of price tags. This filter cleans just about any water you add to it besides salt water and makes it safe and delicious. It can remove high levels of chemicals including pharmaceutical and pesticide chemical traces that can remain in tap water. It can remove heavy metals, VOCs and all manner of contaminants. BUT it keeps the beneficial minerals in tact! It leaves water that tastes like pure, fresh, refreshment. We use it for drinking, cooking, cleaning products, diffusing, and just about everything we make and ingest in our home.

We decided to forego Christmas gifts to each other in December of 2017 and purchased this for our family instead and are thankful every single day we did. It’s an upfront expense that is very very low compared to other systems like reverse osmosis. Unlike reverse osmosis systems the Berkey retains important minerals our bodies need. It’s also portable unlike RO. The filters do not need to be changed for upwards of 5 years for most families with proper use and care. We added #fluoride filters because we prefer not to ingest a neuron toxin added to our tap water without our consent that has not proven to be beneficial for teeth and especially not our health in any clinical studies. Those are additional and optional. Just our personal choice here. If you’ve been thinking about more pure water and what that might look like, this is a great option. Not an ad. Just a seriously huge fan.