We Changed Anyway

Oh how I wish there had been a great emphasis on the critical need to heal and strengthen our bodies over this last year+. I have so much to say about this. I won’t today because what I want to do is share with the world what I continue to learn by getting to chat with you in my DM’s.

I want to celebrate YOU. Right here. Right now. At some point and for your own reasons, you decided to make some changes sometime during 2020. You committed to doing something to give you a better fighting chance against all that became a threat. Every day I get to hear how you got outside more, moved your body more, started taking shoes off when you entered your home, made more meals, used more whole foods, considered the importance of the beneficial bacteria in your body and environment, swapped a product, set healthy boundaries, broke more free from toxic thoughts, drank more water…

Whatever it is that you chose and implemented in this past year, I want to shine the light on you right here. We are going to celebrate you. And you are going to in turn be an encouragement to others.

It does not matter how small that thing you started doing may seem. We are going to cheer you on. It’s a BIG DEAL.

Even the smallest steps propel us forward. Even the simplest changes add up and have lasting impact. The loudest voices didn’t seem to think these things mattered too much but you know it did and does.

✨Share something. Anything. We want to celebrate your choosing to take care of you. Because you matter and your health matters.✨