We Don’t Have To Wait

What does it take for them to admit that anyway? We’ve seen it time and time again. Consumer concerns, injuries, speculation, lawsuits, product recalls, and everything in between.

With more information at our fingertips than ever before we can either become overwhelmed or better informed. I hope and aim to never add fear to your life. Fear is toxic. If something I share causes an alarm to go off, good! Alarm is necessary sometimes for us to become aware and take action.

Let us not live in fear or overwhelm. Let us educate ourselves and life with open minds and eyes wide open. Some of the things we have eaten or used our whole lives might not be serving us well. They may have changed quality or formulation over time. They may have always been less than great. Either way, we can make adjustments and swaps and choose better for us items along the way. When the news catches up and says xyz may be contributing to _____ (fill in the blank with an autoimmune issue, cancer, disease, etc), it’s really great to be able to say, good thing I ditched that item already! And if we haven’t yet, how wonderful that we can more readily find a better replacement.

And were able to because of growing awareness. Some may be trying to scare you and get you to buy their products. Of course. What I see is that the vast majority of people sharing awareness do so because of personal experience and harm and a huge sense of duty to use their experience to make a difference for good. I don’t want you to fear. I don’t want your money. I want our health. Our freedom to live, serve, and love well.

We don’t have to wait. We can start or continue right now. With what we have. With what we know. With what we’re able.

One day, one meal, one product at a time.