What We Consume Alters Us

There’s a lot of noise out here for us to consume. Enjoying a life that’s #alittlelesstoxic is about so much more than food or products. Stress is toxic and so much of what we consume is adding to stress, fear, worry, poor health, and anxiety.

I even wrote my new book with your nervous system in mind. We can become better informed without becoming overcome with other things that are toxic like perfectionism, fear, and anxiety. Practical and sustainable steps move us forward.

I try to never add noise and overwhelm for anyone but if I am a source of that for you in this season or any season, I encourage you to mute, unfollow, or whatever that boundary looks like for you. I want wellness for you. Whole body health includes our mental well-being. I love you! I welcome you with open arms if or when this space makes sense for you.

Choose the more nourishing things for yourself today. It’s your responsibility and you’re worth it.

This world will squeeze you. What comes out is what you’re filled with. Fill up with good things.