Whitening Clothes

🧺 Whitening Clothes in #alittlelesstoxic way.

I’ve been using this for years instead of chlorine bleach. It’s made of a very fine blue iron powder suspended in water. No chemicals or toxins. Biodegradable. And cheap! This was the way to whiten clothes way back as early as 1900. Did you know that new bright white clothes have typically been dyed with some blue to create that bright white shade? Over time the bleaching of your fabrics wears off, oils and soils tint the fabric, and the bluing washes away. A proper cleaning and a bit of this bluing helps get your fabrics back to a bright white look. Without toxic chlorine bleach 🙌🏼

Top Loader: Let the tub fill up with water. Add detergent and a cap full of liquid bluing. Allow to agitate until it’s well mixed. Make sure there aren’t drops of the bluing anywhere as it would stain like a dye. Add your whites and wash as normal.

Does anyone know if this can work in a front loader and how?