You Are Making An Impact

It can be expensive living #alittlelesstoxic but it doesn’t have to be.

Agencies, subsidies, and industry have made it so we have to pay extra for food and products that are unadulterated while things that take a ton of expensive manufacturing and interventions are cheaper. It’s very upside down. We have the power to continue to turn it back right-side-up because all they really seem to listen to is the 💵. When we invest our hard earned pennies in food grown as it was intended and products that do not cause harm, industry reacts.

Not one of us will change this on our own. And we all have unique circumstances and have to lie our boundary lines appropriately.

Small changes add up.

Your pennies are powerful. Even more so over time. Our collective purchases and changes make greater impact. For our health and for the world!

Here’s 10 tips for stretching those pennies and making impact:

1️⃣ A massive overhaul isn’t necessary. Replace items as needed with something a little less toxic.
2️⃣ Consider DIY cleaning and personal care products.
3️⃣ Sub out meat in some meals with protein packed foods like beans and lentils.
4️⃣ Buy frozen fruits and veggies. Typically picked at the peak of freshness and flash frozen, these can be nutrient dense and often much lower priced.
5️⃣ Buy in bulk when it makes sense and freeze or store items well.
6️⃣ Opt for whole foods over packaged and processed. They cost so much more!
7️⃣ Make more meals are home. Eating out adds up FAST. Cooking at home is more affordable and you can control the ingredients.
8️⃣ Cut your own fruits and veggies. Precut are marked up heavily.
9️⃣ Shop sales and make use of coupons when possible.
🔟 Shop produce that’s in season. It costs a lot to ship things in from around the world and that cost is reflected in the produce price.

Do what you can with what you’re able and as it makes sense for you. One small change at a time over time is more impactful than massive overhaul that can’t be sustained.